Watch out Wuxi, here I come!

Today is the start of what will hopefully be a holiday of a lifetime, for tonight I will fly from London to Shanghai.

When I arrive in Shanghai, assuming my wife has not forgotten about me, she will meet me at the airport with train or bus tickets to take us to Wuxi, Jiangsu province to stay just one night with the in-laws.

Although I have made this journey many times before, it’s what’s happening on Thursday that should be a big adventure! I hope my wife has been able to make all the required arrangements, but I will not tempt fate by going in to details now, just in case it goes all horribly wrong….after all there is an Icelandic Volcano doing it’s best to cause travel chaos throughout Europe.

Clean underwear….check!

What more does a travelling man need?

Watch out Wuxi, here I come!

Paul Git @PaulGit