Preparation for Tibet

21 hours after leaving my home in UK I arrived at my in-laws without event. On unpacking I realised I forgot not only a waterproof jacket but also socks! So much for my failsafe checklist I have been using for years!

Fortunately over the last 10 years I have built up a stash of clothes that I leave at my in-laws and fortunately docks were amongst them!

Today we are preparing for the trip of a lifetime to Tibet. I have travelled to various places in China but never somewhere as remote as Tibet, I cannot wait to get there!

The train from Wuxi to Tibet will take about 48 hours so we must stock up on supplies to sustain us for the journey. I sincerely hope I can get some sort of Internet access there so that I can post some select photos!

Which flavour instant noodles shall I pick?

Paul Git @PaulGit