A day in Lhasa

After getting up and having a poor excuse for breakfast we headed out to the streets of Lhasa. For me it is hard to distinguish Lhasa from any other city in China, there are the same stores, streets which have shops of one type etc. However there is one noticeable difference and that is the presence of both armed military and Police. There are numerous patrols around the streets, markets etc as well as small teams posted sporadically around the city with riot shields and batons!

Putting this negative stuff a side, what is simply spectacular is the Potala Palace (the hone of the Dalai Lama) and the Jokhang Temple where you can see pilgrims who have travelled thousands of miles to see this holy place. I must say, everybody should put atleast these two sites on their list of things to see and do before they die. The history and treasures that they both hold are simply mind blowing.

Tonight is our last night in Lhasa until the end of the week for tomorrow we will venture into eastern Tibet to see some unspoiled natural beauty spots.

Paul Git @PaulGit