On the road from Lhasa to Bayi

Today we left Lhasa and headed east on the G318 national route. This eastern part of Tibet has only been opened to foreigners for a few years now and because it holds sites of natural beauty rather than sites of historical value it does not attract that many foreign tourists…except me!

En-route there were several Police checkpoints, which I discovered were actually journey time analysis checkpoints. Instead of installing ANPR cameras and measuring average speed automatically they employ numerous teams of Police to do the checks manually!

For the whole journey we were surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and got to see how real Tibetans get on with their lives, raising livestock and general farming. It seems such a slower and more peaceful life than the chaotic and stressful one I lead!

At one point we stopped to take photos at over 5000 meters above sea level, certainly the highest I have ever been outside of an aeroplane. It literally takes your breath away!

I have noticed that Tibetans appear to be very house proud, the buildings are beautifully decorated inside and out, though they do seem to let their livestock roam the streets, we often had to give way to yaks, pigs and sheep!

Before we got to Bayi City we stopped off and saw Kadingla Falls, a 200m waterfall tucked away in some beautiful terrain which had yet to be ruined by tourists.

Tomorrow we will be venturing out some more, we have had to slightly modify the tour as we found out that foreigners are not allowed to stay in the hotel we had originally planned so we have to double back on ourselves.

Let’s hope the weather continues to be kind to us!

Paul Git @PaulGit