Heading further east

Today was a long day. We left Bayi City around 8am and headed further east on the G318.

After a couple of hours our journey got interesting as the paved road stopped and the muddy, pot hole ridden road continued into the distance. It wasn’t too long before I felt we were reliving the Top Gear special in Vietnam as we had several heart stopping passes with a sheer drop to our right and had to clear the road of large rocks after a recent landslide!

After winding our way through stunning valleys, we eventually reached our goal…Midui Glacier. The iPhone photo does not do it justice, it was simply awesome to see something so large and natural in real life rather than just on the TV.

After the Midui Glacier we headed off to Rowa lake. The scenery here was more of what you would expect in Switzerland rather than Tibet, simply gorgeous!

We had originally planned to stay near to Rowa but due to the military presence and sensitive nature of the area (close to Indian border) there are no hotels that can accommodate foreigners so instead we gad to double back on ourselves and stay at the only hotel that would take me in Bomi.

We arrived in Bomi very late and after checking in we headed out to find some food. It was then pretty clear that Bomi looks after the military personnel very well because there were more brothels than restaurants open!

I am not sure what adventures we have planned for tomorrow but by the sounds of the rain outside we may have some new landslides to contend with as we head back to Bayi City!

I love this place!

Paul Git @PaulGit