From Bomi to Lhasa

The last couple of days have pretty much been spent on the road heading back to Lhasa from Bomi with another stop off at Bayi City.

On the way we visited various tourist hotspots and also stopped wherever we wanted to take photos. One of the more notable sites was Basomtso Lake which is one of the largest alpine lakes in east Tibet. After crossing a floating bridge to a small island we took a brief look around a temple that is over 1000 years old. What amazes me about Tibet are these remote historic locations that contain such interesting treasures and have the folklore to go with them.

I tried to take a picture of the lake with my iPhone and like before it doesn’t do it justice, believe me the water was turquoise and the trees green all around, beautiful!

On the way back to Lhasa this evening after bouncing over a big bump something broke on the rear suspension of our minibus. This dud nit really surprise me as for the last few days this poor vehicle has been over terrain more suited to a 4x4.

Fortunately this occurred a couple of miles outside a small town so we turned around to find a mechanic who could fix it. We did succeed except that the mechanic could not fix it but instead applied a bodge that would hopefully get us back to Lhasa. We continued the journey back to Lhasa at about 20km/h! In the meantime the tour company arranged for another bus to pick us up and take us back to our hotel leaving our poor driver to drive slowly back to Lhasa to get the suspension fixed properly. I guess we will find out if he made it if he picks us up in the morning!

To end the day on a high Lily and I ventured out into Lhasa to find a bar, after a bit of guidance from a taxi driver we eventually found one and spent the rest of the evening playing liars dice and drinking beer…pretty much how we met in Wuxi over 10 years ago.

Tomorrow we will be heading north for the day, I will try and remember to take photos with my iPhone!

Paul Git @PaulGit