Snow stops play!

Today was a little bit of a disappointment as we travelled about 4 hours north of Lhasa to visit Namco Lake, the highest lake in the world only to be turned around by Police 50km from the lake due to a heavy snow storm! Apparently the road is treacherous under the best of conditions so it was probably a wise move.

We stopped for lunch and negotiated a deal with our driver to take us Yamdro yumtso Lake which is at an altitude of over 4000M and is over 638km^2 in size! The water was a glittering jade colour and the snow capped mountains in the distance were a small section of the Himalayas. Stunning.

As this was our last day in Tibet we took a bike rickshaw ride around Lhasa and stopped of near to the Jokhang Temple were there were thousands of people circling the temple by take a couple of steps before lying down, arms stretched out preying and chanting mantras, it was a sight to be seen. Due to the large crowds there was a significant police and military presence which now seems to be the norm around Lhasa even at midnight!

To end the night we headed to the most famous bar/restaurant in Lhasa called the Makye Ame where 300 years ago the 6th Dalai Lama used to sneak out and meet a mystery women….

Paul Git @PaulGit