Technology on the Shanghai -> Nanning Express

Welcome to the Shanghai -> Nanning Express!

We are now well into our journey to Guilin only about 3 hours or so to go assuming that we are on time. According to my guide book the journey should take 22 hours and not 24 as I had previously thought.

I managed to get the top bunk out of 3, which sounds bad but for some reason I like it up the top. Despite the lack of space to even sit up I can camp out with my gadgets and keep myself amused.

Unfortunately my sleep was not as good as it usually is in a train due to increased competition in the snoring department. I am clearly an amateur in comparison to my father-in-law and a stranger sharing our cabin with us. I am sure I would have won if I had a few beers before bed.

Technology rules this trip, iPhones and iPads are keeping us amused when the scenery isn’t.

Paul Git @PaulGit