Yulong River Cruise(ish)

Today’s main adventure was a trip down the Yulong River, the scenery was even more stunning than that seen while on the Li Jiang River, something I did not think possible.

We decided to cycle to hitch a ride on a raft, this was a big adventure in it’s own right as despite travelling to China for all these years I have never ridden a bicycle here. If you can indeed call this a bicycle. This particular bike was chosen by my dear wife so that she could sit at the back, with her feet up enjoying the view…which she did!

After 5km of hard peddling across rugged terrain, we made it to the rafting station. I was told they were bamboo rafts, and guess what, they were!

All was fine until we realised there was a total of 9 dams to navigate, you would think that you would get out and carry the raft, but you’d be wrong!

And this is what we dropped down…..

It was all worth it because the views were beautiful…

Paul Git @PaulGit