Hiking to the Rice Terraces

I’ll be totally honest and say I have no idea where I really am, all I can say is we hiked for 2 hours from somewhere near to Dazhai up some mountains in preparation to see the famous rice terraces in the morning.

Unfortunately this is the wrong time of year to see the terraces in full bloom as it were, but I hope tomorrow the fog lifts a little so that we can get some good photos. What I saw today was once again breathtaking and goes to show what a beautiful province Guangxi is.

Scattered around the terraces are multi-level wooden buildings, built Tudor style where the floor above is actually wider than the floor bellow. It’s amazing that all these have been built because all the materials must be carried by hand…I struggled to carry myself up here!

I saw this inscription on the hotel so I assume it is right!

Fingers crossed for a clear day tomorrow!

Location:Heda Line,Guilin,China

Paul Git @PaulGit