It all starts here....

Today is a big day as it marks the start of our big move to China. Although we are still very much in the UK, in a few minutes time our personal belongings will be packed up and literally put on a slow boat to China.

Although I have moved internationally before, there is still something strange about having everything you own in a small metal container….your life’s material achievements literally come down to a few cubic feet.

The exercise of moving has proven fruitful, not only were we able to get rid of a large amount of rubbish we had accumulated during 10 years of marriage, we were also able to enjoy various memorabilia from my childhood. I even discovered a pristine copy of the 2000th Beano!

For various reasons we will probably not see our belongings again until January, only then we will realise what we left behind! All I am worried about arriving intact is my HiFi and computing equipment, my wife is just concerned about her 27+ pairs of shoes! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Paul Git @PaulGit