Here we go...

About 2 months ago I accepted a new job based in Shanghai during which time I not only prepared for the international move, but also kept up a full time job. In hindsight this was a bit too much. Most of the time my wife was not around to help and it meant that days were long and prevented us from meeting up with all our friends to say goodbye.

Today is the day we fly out to Shanghai carrying everything we need for the next few months as I am sure we won’t see our shipment until January 2012. I sincerely hope we have got everything, if not then we are in big trouble! I am a bit worried because for the first time in 10 years of marriage I let her pack my bags…..

Excess baggage? My wife says no, but I think different! We will soon find out!

Location:Keach Close,United Kingdom

Paul Git @PaulGit