We have arrived!

After a long uneventful flight from London to Shanghai we arrived without issue at our temporary accommodation. This small hotel apartment room is much better than a standard hotel room because not only is there a living area, there is also a small kitchen so that we can prepare our own meals without having to go out to restaurants each night.

After a short rest we headed to the local supermarket, Carrefour…this is when I discovered that despite my wife being Chinese we are in for some fun!

My wife has spent most if her adult life in the UK and has not actually lived by herself in China, so basically laundry detergent brands are unfamiliar to her as they are me (I remember this exact same experience when I lived in the USA 12 years ago). What should have been a quick 30 minute shop turned out to be a marathon reading labels and asking shop assistants for guidance!

Our next challenge of the afternoon was to get SIM cards for our mobile phones. Having a nice shiny iPhone 4S, I wanted to maximise its data capabilities which means I had to go with China Unicom as they are the only carrier that support 3G right now. Here are the tariffs,

I have no idea how they work or what I actually have, I just know I can make calls and access the Internet!

The day was topped off by meeting my new boss and his wife for dinner. I just hope the beer helps me sleep through the night, ready for work in the morning!

Location:[Hongfeng Rd,Shanghai,China](‘http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Hongfeng%20Rd,Shanghai,China%4031.242691%2C121.590041&z=10')

Paul Git @PaulGit