Another day in the office!

Today was day 3 in the office and I am settling in well. I am slowly remembering all the new names of my colleagues along with their roles, most importantly I know the finance team as I got paid today…into a Chinese bank account! This leads into a story….

When trying to open any type of bank account in the UK you have jump through hoops providing original utility bills for proof of address, photo ID etc etc. Here in China the rules are a little more relaxed. My wife went to the Bank of China with my passport and the bank opened the account in my name after calling me on the phone and asking me for the room number of the hotel I was staying in! They then went on to give my wife a Debit Card and it’s PIN number…..guess what, I don’t have another 4 digit pin to remember, in China they are 6 digits!

Paul Git @PaulGit