Always listen to your husband!

So let the story begin….

Today we decided to return a few items that we bought from IKEA last week that we no longer needed.. We are lucky with our apartment location because across the street next to Longyang Road underground station is a bus stop where you can get a free bus to IKEA.

As we crossed the road, I started walking to the where the bus stops, when my wife pointed out the error of my ways and informed me that the bust did not go from where I was heading.  In fact, we were on the wrong side of the station.  I contested this, but got the look.  Being a good husband I followed my wife and 5 minutes later she was looking confused as she could not find the bus stop.  Guess who was right?   By the time my wife had realised that I was right (though she didn’t actually say as such), we had missed the 11am bus and would have to wait an hour for the next one.

So to kill time we headed to a local dumpling restaurant for lunch and then returned to the bust stop at midday.  There was no IKEA bus top be seen.   On consulting the time table we discovered that the buses come every hour, except for midday!  That was enough, it was cold so we gave up on the free option and sought out a taxi to take us.

After about 5 minutes in the taxi I said to my wife that I thought the taxi driver is taking us in the wrong direction, after a lot of commotion  my wife was able to confirm this and got the taxi driver to head off in the right direction.  After another 10 minutes or so we arrived at IKEA when the taxi driver committed a cardinal sin of  trying to get my wife to pay the full fare, despite trying to take us in the wrong direction.  I should point out that money is very close to Chineses people’s hearts.  Trying to get my wife to pay the full fare would have been equivalent to chopping one of her legs off…a heated ‘negotiation’ ensued.

I left my wife to the ‘negotiation’, returned the stuff at IKEA and headed out to discover that the Police had been called!  Thinking that this would resolve the issue in a timely manner I decided to stay out of it and watch with the other passersby .  Mobile phones were being used by the Police and the taxi driver, and the shouting continued.

At one point the taxi driver shouted at the Police from the seat of her taxi…did not seem a smart move to me! 

After several more minutes, the only solution was to take it down the station.  I really wanted to go with my wife, but as I did not have my ID on me (you are meant to have it with you at all times), I did not want to be the one to complicate things further.  So like a good husband I waved goodbye to my wife as she disappeared into the distance in the back of a Police car.

If you look carefully in the picture you can see my wife smiling!

My wife spent a few hours waiting at the Police Station before deciding she had wasted enough time, and the taxi driver had been punished enough with the loss of the afternoon’s takings.  She paid the fare and headed back to meet me, happy knowing the the Police station was half way between IKEA and Longyang Road underground station so the taxi fare back would be cheap!

So, if only my wife had listened to me at the beginning of all this, we would have taken the bus to IKEA and had meatballs for lunch!   So to all you wives out there LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBAND, HE KNOWS BEST!  ;)

Paul Git @PaulGit