My shiny new bicycle!

Sometime last year I had my bicycle stolen here in Shanghai. It wasn’t an expensive bike but it had travelled the world with me.

I had originally purchased it from a local dealer near my home in the UK. When I relocated to the USA in the late 90’s it followed me and saw a few of the streets in Michigan in the early summer mornings as I attempted to stem the weight gain as a result of my unhealthy lifestyle.

When I returned to the UK it came back with me and saw very little action in the subsequent 10 years.

My bike before it was loaded on to a slow boat to China!

Then came the time to up roots and move to China so I decided to take it with me as I had no doubt it would prove to be useful transportation in China, everybody rides a bicycle in China right?

Well somehow between leaving the UK and arriving in China it developed a puncture so I took it to the local sports megastore for a full service. Afterwards it was like a new bike but it still had it’s characteristic squeaky front brake.

The last photo taken of my bike before it was stolen!

On the third ride I decided to pickup some bread from a bakery at Kerry Parkside on Fangdian Road and Meihua Road. I locked it up as usual, got the bread and headed back to my bike to ride home. The only problem was that the bike was not there! I looked and looked and it soon became obvious that after leaving my bike for no more than 5 minutes, it had been stolen! So after another 20 minutes of looking around, I called off the search and took the subway home.

That was last year! Now it’s a new year and summer is coming, so this weekend I went out and bought myself this little baby:

It was not too expensive but I have two locks to foil would be thieves!

I have yet to leave it unattended but I’m hoping I will get to ride it more than 3 times!

So If you are ever in Shanghai and see/hear a grey Rayleigh mountain bike with a squeaky front brake, then that is mine! I guess it’s foreign branding and good condition was the main reason it was taken in preference to the rusting domestic models parked next to it.

Paul Git @PaulGit