Bringing this blog back to life!

As the second anniversary of moving from the UK to China is rapidly approaching I realise I have done a poor job in writing about my experiences living and working in both China and South Korea.

Sure I have posted pictures via Instagram, tweeted on my twitter stream, posted on my stream but none of them are verbose thoughts that I should be placing here.

The main reason for this is my crazy life and laziness. It has also been a challenge to find reliable tools to do the the blogging in the way that I wanted to do it. For example, previously this blog was a self hosted WordPress blog. This suited me fine until I started to write posts using the iOS app. More often than not the app would crash with data loss, and then if I did manage to publish it rarely looked like how I expected it to.

Then I discovered an interesting solution called This is a new blogging platform creates by @matigo. This solution is simple, clean, fast and comes without any of the security based issues you have with self hosting a WordPress blog. It’s easy integration with Evernote means creating posts on any platform is a breeze.

Please drop by from time to time to see how well I am getting on!

Paul Git @PaulGit