FaceTime Audio in China - Inconsistencies

Last month I wrote a post after I discovered that FaceTime Audio was disabled on the iPhone 5s that I purchased from one of the Apple Stores in Shanghai. After contacting Apple Support I was told that “…the decision to disable the FaceTime audio in devices sold in China is to adhere to regulations in that region.”

As an Apple user in China I am pleased that their relationship with the relevant authorities is better than that of Google, however yesterday I noticed an inconsistency with this statement.

I purchased an iPad Mini with Retina Display as a Christmas Gift for my Wife. I purchased it from the Apple Store in Pudong, Shanghai and I noticed that the FaceTime Audio option is enabled and functions! So why is FaceTime Audio allowed on an iPad but not an iPhone? It simply makes no sense to me. Perhaps the carriers feel it would take revenue away from them, but if that’s the case then why not inhibit FaceTime altogether (FaceTime Video works on the iPhone!)

In China there are many things that appear illogical, but I really do wish Apple could be more transparent and clearly state which features are disabled in which region, ideally with an explanation of why.

Paul Git @PaulGit