MacBook Air broken screen? problem, this is Shanghai!

On returning from a recent business trip my wife showed me a fault on the right hand side of the screen on her 3 year old MacBook Air. Although this fault did not prevent her from using it, it was somewhat irritating when what she wanted to read was on the right side of the screen.

I am fairly strange in that I like almost everything I own to be well kept and maintained. So having a faulty MacBook Air screen annoyed me somewhat. So I set out to get it repaired….

The first stop was the official Apple channels. I visited both an Apple Authorised Repair Centre as well as one of the big Apple Shops here in Shanghai. Both of which offered to replace the screen for a little under ¥4000 (about $600). I thought this was a little steep considering a brand new same spec model could be purchased for only ¥7088. I needed a plan B.

Not to be deterred, I asked for ideas from my followers on ADN and also contacted my wife’s cousin in Wuxi because he has a couple contacts in the digital market there. His contacts suggested I purchased a replacement screen from Taobao and they would replace it for a small fee. So over to Taobao I went.

Within minutes of searching I found a seller who could supply a new screen for ¥600 and not only that, they were based in Shanghai! If I would go to their office they would also install it for ¥200! This was the solution I was looking for!

It’s amazing that I eventually got a new screen installed and fitted for less than our Christmas Dinner, but I am disappointed that Apple are marking up spares and repairs by so much, especially knowing that labour is so cheap here in China.

Here is the card for the repair shop if you should ever need it!

Paul Git @PaulGit