Traditional English Christmas Dinner in Shanghai

Sorry for posting this late!

I am sure that most expats will tell you stories of things they miss from home apart from friends and family. For me it’s the occasional food or drink item.

This Christmas my wife and I decided to remain in Shanghai which meant that I would miss the traditional Christmas dinner that my mother would prepare. However to my surprise after living in Shanghai for over 2 years I was told about a restaurant that served traditional English food. Although the English are not renowned for their food, the opportunity to fill up on Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies is an opportunity not to be missed if you ever get the chance. 

So on Christmas Day we headed to Glo London for a 4 course _eat until you cannot move_ dinner! It was simply delicious!

So next time you are in Shanghai with friends looking for somewhere to eat, instead of popping out for a Chinese consider going for an English! ;)

Paul Git @PaulGit