Moving my WordPress site to

For many years now I have been hosting my blog on a self hosted WordPress site. I have not been a prolific blogger and I found that I was spending more time keeping WordPress and the relevant plugins updated than I did actually using the site.

Over the years I have used various blogging platforms such as 10Centuries and after exporting and importing data images in my posts got lost and some other meta-data such as location data also disappeared. I then went on a quest to find an affordable alternative. After several days of searching, I settled with

After setting up my account I looked at how I could get my data out of WordPress and into This looked easy, however unfortunately only about 10 out of the 120 posts got imported. I submitted a support ticket and got a prompt response, however there appears to be some edge case issues with this process. Not being one to be defeated I searched around for a solution and ended up settling with converting the WordPress export file to Markdown. This is the guide I followed: How To Convert WordPress To Markdown - Kev Quirk.

Using Markdown files allowed me to easily fix some of the image references before I imported them into, and after a couple of hours I had all 120 posts imported with images and links. Sadly I think some of the links are now rotten, but the rest of the data is available for all to see.

Now all I need to do is start blogging more. Right now it’s time for bed.

Paul Git @PaulGit