Two steps forward, one step back

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster with a crash at the end of it.

A few days ago I published this post asking When can I go home?. As the week progressed things seemed to be moving along, payment being arranged, special invitation letter being requested and visa application forms prepared.

One of the key criteria in getting a seat on one of the Charter flights back to China is to receive an Invitation letter from the local authorities in Shanghai. Today I learned that it would take at least one month for this to be processed! If this really is the case then I would not be able to make any of the planned Charter flights in July as once this letter is issued I still need to apply for a visa, which is required in addition to the residence permit I already hold.

So I am heading into the weekend, disheartened, depressed and without the flickering light that I saw a few days ago.

I sincerely hope that my employer and the German Chamber of Commerce are able to facilitate expediting this process so that I, and many others like me, can return to China and our families as soon as possible.

Please keep your fingers crossed for some more positive news next week so that I can enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival with that flickering light back in my sight.

Paul Git @PaulGit