One step closer to home....maybe!

Previously I have written about my current situation, When can I go home? and Two steps forward, one step back. Today I woke up to some good news from my HR department back in Shanghai, the special invitation letter has been approved, so now I can apply for an appointment at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Hamburg so that I can obtain a special visa.

I submitted all the documents and fortunately I got a quick response, sadly it stated I need another document but this time it must be issued by the local German authorities. I think it’s like a proof of residence or something. I find it strange that this is required because I am basically living here due to being stranded and not by choice.

Emotionally today has been a complete rollercoaster, fantastic news followed by rapid anxiety and stress of finding out how to obtain a document I don’t really understand, in a country I am not really that familiar with. Fortunately my good friends and colleagues here have helped me find a way forward. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the required document and a visa appointment date and time.

This afternoon focus has been hard, and at times like this I turn to music, and in particular my favourite album by a very special singer/songwriter to me, Eve Selis. Eve has offered inspiration and a sympathetic listening ear to me and others during the weekly Zoom meeting for her Patreon supporters.

The special track for me at this time is One Day At A Time. Check it out, I am sure you will love it.

Paul Git @PaulGit