It's a small world!

Wednesday was not a great day for me as I found out that I did not get a seat allocated on 15th July Charter Flight to Qingdao, China (NOTE: Since then I have found out I have been allocated seat on the 22nd July Charter Flight).

In the evening, to help raise my spirits, my friend took me to a neighbours socially distanced birthday celebration in the village of Eickeloh. Everyone was super friendly and sympathetic about my situation.

During the evening, one couple asked me where I was from in England. Usually when I answer this question I say Milton Keynes because it’s the nearest biggest city to my small home town and many people have at least heard of it, even if they don’t know where it is. They knew Milton Keynes, and responded with a follow up question of whether I knew the town of Winslow because they used to live there for a time….Winslow is the town where I have my house and where I went to secondary school! A great conversation ensued reminiscing about various town events such as the Winslow Beer Festival and Winslow Show!

I just find it so fascinating that you can be in the middle of nowhere in rural Germany and meet somebody who has lived in the same small rural English town as you.

A similar occurrence also happened to me back in the mid 90’s. On one business trip to the USA I stayed in the Marriott Hotel in Livonia, MI. Normally I would stay in the hotel across the street, but on this occasion it was fully booked so I had to stay a few nights in the Marriott first. One evening I was talking to one of the bar staff, not only did they know the small village of Great Horwood where I grew up, they also went to school with the daughter of our neighbour!

These little chance acquaintances always make me smile and consider how small the world actually is.

Paul Git @PaulGit