I’m officially in China

After two hours waiting on the plane, my row was called and I finally got to disembark and go through the formalities.

To be honest the Qingdao Authorities were extremely well organised. They reviewed the health declaration paperwork that I prepared in advance and then asked a few questions before going for some further tests.

My body temperature was checked first and then I had another COVID-19 test. This time, not only did I have my throat swabbed, I had my nose violated like never before. I could swear they were inserting a micro chip into my brain!

After that, a quick check at immigration and customs and I am finally in China! I have waited so long for this day.

I am now on a bus heading to my quarantine hotel where I’ll get to spend the next 14 days of my adventure, and only then can I return home to my family in Shanghai.

Paul Git @PaulGit