First work day in Quarantine

Today was my first working day of quarantine. It was a very pleasant day here in Qingdao with clear blue skies and really good air quality, I hope that this continues.

There is something to be said about the climate here. I usually detest the summer in Shanghai because of the humidity. Normally within minutes of leaving my home to start my commute my shirt is usually soaked in sweat and I am ready for another cold shower!

Qingdao is different, for the last few days and nights I have kept my balcony door open and the cool sea breeze is just enough to take the edge off the heat and create a really comfortable environment. Looking up from my laptop and seeing sun, sea and sand takes me away from the reality that I will have no human contact and very little native language communication over the next 10 days. The only person I see and interact with each day is someone dressed head to toe in a white suit who knocks at my door twice a day to take my temperature.

It hasn’t been plain sailing for everyone. The German Chamber of Commerce set up a WeChat group for all of us on the 22nd July Charter Flight. There were reports today that many people who were on the 15th July Charter Flight got stomach issues starting last week, possibly as a result of the food. Apparently some even had to be taken to hospital. This no doubt has made a bad situation much worse for them, I wish them all a speedy recovery.

A few people on my flight say they have had stomach problems, but fortunately I have been OK so far, perhaps as a result of the fine whisky I brought with me. Hopefully the situation will remain that way!

Now I must address an important issue, I have run out of beer! 🍺

Paul Git @PaulGit