Quarantine Half Time!

IMG 3794Who made the beach disappear?

So it’s quarantine half time. What have I learned during the last 7 days?

  1. The hotel is nice, normally with a wonderful sunny few of the beach.
  2. I am getting well looked after but the hotel.
  3. The food is much better than I thought it would be, but sadly it has a slight western slant to it, bread instead of rice. I miss my rice.
  4. There is almost free flow complimentary beer, I am actually drinking much more than I usually do.
  5. I had forgotten how unreliable the China Internet was when accessing sites overseas.
  6. My plan to actually exercise during quarantine has failed for the following reasons:
    • A leg injury is preventing me from doing anything too strenuous (I did something the day I left Hodenhagen).
    • Walking up and down my hotel room to get my steps in is extremely tedious.
    • I am simply lazy
  7. My other plan to actually sit down and do some digital housekeeping has also failed because sitting on my balcony, listing to music and watching the sea is far more attractive.
  8. Time actually flies when you have work to do during the day.

My guess is the second half will be pretty much the same. Further COVID-19 tests are scheduled including an anti-body check so that is probably as exciting as it gets.

Paul Git @PaulGit