I'm in the home stretch

Well there is a little under 3 days to go before I will be released from quarantine. To be precise my quarantine officially ends at 10:29 On 6th August, this happens to be the official landing time of my flight on 23rd July.

The last few days have been really humid and the nights have been disturbed due to a tropical storm off the east coast area of China. I hope I can get some good sleep later today!

As I woke up earlier than usual this morning, I checked my leg and it seems the muscle injury had healed. Feeling guilty, I thought I would start doing the quarantine exercise regime that I had planned. For this I used Carrot Fit as my mentor and guide, only to discover that I am really out of shape, which is surprising because when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a finely tuned athlete.

I completed the routine and this afternoon I am now hurting in places that I didn’t know could hurt. Perhaps exercise is really for young people?

However, Carrot Fit did give me a reward of a popsicle but sadly there are none available in my hotel quarantine room.

Paul Git @PaulGit