The last supper!

IMG 3868

I have just finished the last supper of my 14 days of quarantine here in the beautiful city of Qingdao, Shandong Province.

IMG 3864

Earlier today I was visited by doctors in white suits who did another COVID-19 swab test and also sucked blood out of me for an antibody check. Hopefully this will enable me to be issues with a certificate that states I completed quarantine virus free!

I am particularly interested in the antibody results, just to see if I ever had the virus without knowing. However a friend told me that asymptomatic carriers tend to be fit and healthy individuals, so that actually rules me out.

So, apart from finishing the remaining beer, tonight I must re-pack my suitcase ready for my onward adventure to Shanghai tomorrow. Then my real diet and excercise program can start (maybe!).

Paul Git @PaulGit