TsingTao Original Beer

For many years I have been told by friends that I should try TsingTao Original Beer, however I have never seen it anywhere when I have looked. That was, until today.

Today is my last day in Qingdao, the home of TsingTao beer and I was pleased surprised to see a small beer store selling the local wares.

I was pleasantly surprised that not only did they have the TsingTao Original Beer, they even had cold ones! (If you have ever been to China you will know that ice cold drinks are not very common).

This has to be the best TsingTao beer I have tasted so far, but it’s not cheap. It cost ¥99 (about $14 US) for 1L. But after 14 days of quarantine, I deserved it! It is served in a quality aluminium bottle which probably adds to the cost!

Paul Git @PaulGit