Autonomous Unmanned Food Cart

When I first got back to my apartment complex after my 14 days quarantine, I observed an unmanned food cart at the entrance. Over the last few weeks I have seen these carts at subway station entrances in the morning. They looked interesting but I had never seen one moving until yesterday.

First I should say that I live next to Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in the Pudong District of Shanghai. Across the street from my apartment complex is the Pudong Software Park where I often take my dogs for a walk because in the middle is a nice lake where the dogs can enjoy sniffing and running around.

Yesterday as we headed towards the park, I observed one of these unmanned food carts, but it was actually an autonomous unmanned food cart. As you can see in the video below, it is oblivious to the red light, not only at the pedestrian crossing, but also at the main junction. When I shared the video with my friend, he said it must have been programmed by a cyclist because the cyclist is also ignoring the red lights (which is pretty normal in China to be honest).

So it looks like they have a lot more work to do on the software before these are allowed to freely roam around the city.

Paul Git @PaulGit